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2022 WIBA Report: It's not about the e-bike


Bicycles still form more than two thirds of industry sales

Total bicycle and e-bike sales grew 2 percent to 136 million in 2021. Sales of bicycles accounted for 70.8 percent of the total (2020: 71.1 percent). Sales of e-bikes accounted for 29.2 percent of the total (2020: 28.9 percent). 

Changing consumer trends drive e-bike growth

The growth in e-bike sales is a result of growing environmental awareness among consumers who seek to reduce their carbon footprint; the appeal of e-bikes to consumers who seek to improve health and fitness but are not able to ride a traditional bicycle; the effectiveness of an e-bike as a personal transportation solution in an urban environment; and, the shift in attitude towards public transportation that has followed in the wake of pandemic restrictions and lock-downs. These factors have driven growth in Europe and the United States.

E-Bikes are still a small share of industry 

Nevertheless, e-bikes still form less than one third of total industry sales. This means that growth of industry sales will continue to be driven by demand for traditional bicycles. Traditional bicycles are more affordable, transportable and familiar. This suggests that e-bikes share of the total market will take time to increase from current levels.

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