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A-D Bikes bar end plugs now available!

I am very pleased to finally offer A-D Bikes handlebar plugs. For many years, I had only one pair, which were perhaps made in the mid 80s, and they had a permanent residence on the handlebars of my Superleicht. I tried to commission some more about three years ago, but too much was going on and I could Neo follow through.

Then just two weeks ago, my old friend and masters cycling legend, Bill Yabroudy contacted me to say that he had some sample plugs that he had fabricated and would I be interested. "Yes!" was the answer.  All this time, customers have been asking me about the plugs and all I could  say was "I am working on it." No longer. The plugs are on the store and ready to put the final touch on your A-D build.

Thank you Bill!



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