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A-D Racing Race Report: Swamp Classic 2024

The Swamp Classic is a two day omnium held in Micanopy, Florida (just outside of Gainesville) and among the first USA Cycling road events of the season. The masters category races feature a gently rolling but fast 52 mile road race and a fast out and back 16km time trial on Saturday. The snappy 25 mile criterium is on Sunday. The weather was dry and temperatures were in 70s. I joined about 55 riders from all over the country for the fifty plus race. I was riding my Ultima Carbon Disc Limited Graz running Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, a 54T/42T x 11-28 drive train and Dura-Ace C60s set up with Vittoria Corsa 28 tubulars (you don't need the 28 for this race, but you certainly need a 54).

The main feature of the road race was a break that gained about a minute and a half before the field woke up form its slumber and chased it down. I was part of a six man chase group that got away but came up 20 seconds short for the catch. I was rewarded eighth place for the effort nevertheless. I went back to the hotel and had some lunch and a nap before suiting up for the time trial. I was on my tt Carbon Limited running Dura-Ace mechanical, a one by 58T x 11-25 drive train and Alto Disc / CT80 wheels set up with Vittoria Corsa 25mm tubulars.

The outbound section of the course was very fast due to a tailwind and a gentle downhill a the start. I was able to hit 38 mph and stay on top of the fifty-eight eleven for long portions of this section. Coming back was windy and there was a car inexplicably shadowing another rider. I was able to get around them without slowing down and complete the course in 20 minutes and 45 seconds which was fast enough for the category win.

The criterium was held in a business park in nearby Alachua. The course is about three quarters of a mile in length and shaped like the letter D. It was dry but blustery. We raced for about 45 minutes (25 miles or so) and it was fast with non stop attacks. I tried my best to get in a break on the windy sections and on the Preem laps but nothing would stick. A break did get away in the last laps just as I was running out of watts, but the field chased it down carrying me as a passenger to 17th place. Remarkably, I had enough points from the road race, time trial and the preem laps to squeak on to the omnium podium in fourth place. Peak of the season already.

Topview Sports does an excellent job of organizing this race and that attracts great competitors. North Florida (which feels more like Georgia and is not very swampy) is a beautiful place to visit this time of year and it is fun to pay homage to Tom Petty by visiting the peaceful Tom Petty Park. Many thanks to the USA Cycling officials, the volunteers, the residents of Micanopy and the businesses of the Progress Business Park in Alachua for making the race happen. See you at the Swamp Classic next year. And of course, if you have ny questions about the Ultima, the tt Carbon or the A-D Bikes Sustainability Program, please just give me Fred Thomas a call on 207 415 3746 and we will talk bikes.

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