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Climate Change cooks the Tour de France and floods the Giro D'Italia

Melting roads. Flooded stages.

For cycling in general, Climate Moments include melting roads in the Tour de France and flooded stages in the Giro D’Italia. For Mainers, Climate Moments include ocean water temperatures high enough to permit twenty minutes of snorkeling without a wetsuit; the disappearance of lobsters to Canadian waters; and tropical storms in January. For anyone reading a real newspaper, Climate Moments include wildfires in Hawaii, California and Canada; melting icebergs in the Arctic and data that show that 2023 was the warmest year since anyone started keeping track.

Taking action is hard to do

The problem with a changing climate is that it is a problem that exists primarily in the future. This makes it easy to put off taking any action. If you want to do something now, it is expensive or disruptive: electric cars are still pricey and have limited range and power; solar panels are expensive to install; heat pumps and electric stoves make the most sense when you have solar panels; local organic food may taste great, but cost exponentially more than what you are used to paying; riding to work is just not possible or it is too risky or complicated.  There are many great excuses for blowing off taking action.

Thinking of my grandchildren

You will find that when you become a parent, you start thinking about your children and when your children grow up you start thinking about your grandchildren. I am convinced that unless there is a material reduction in the volume of emissions produced by human activity, climate change is going to be a real problem for my grandchildren. It might be too hot to ride a bike outdoors in some places. The beaches of my youth may be gone. Snow may be a thing of the past or a distant reality. That would be a shame. My view is that making a small change to how I conduct business and run my life is better than doing nothing, and that if everyone tries to introduce small changes, these changes will take hold and make a difference, hopefully in time to prevent a dystopian future or one that is just not very comfortable. This is how I have arrived at doing what I can to make A-D Bikes a circular and sustainable bike company. 

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