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Order your custom A-D Racing Verge Sport kit today!

If you have good kit, you will be comfortable, you will look good and you will be inspired to ride. That is the reason to pay for good kit. Verge Sport makes excellent cycling apparel and I am very pleased to have Mike Magur, David Somerville and the rest of the global Verge Sport team keeping me and A-D Racing properly suited and styled for training and racing.

We are carrying a small inventory of kit so that you can get suited up right away with a STRIKE 3.0 Full Black jersey and STRIKE 2.0 Bib Short. Item, size and finish selection is limited.

If you are looking for a broader selection of items and you would like them in any of the A-D Bikes colors (Rose Silver, Styria Green, Thondorf Purple, Burgundy Red or Champagne Yellow), we can place a special order for you for exactly what you are looking for. Call me on 207 415 3746 and we will get it done. Delivery times are really fast and the days of minimums are long gone. Please see the Verge Sport Collection here to see the offerings available. Here's a video on how to order your kit yourself through the A-D Bikes website.

Here is what I think about what to get: if you are riding anywhere in the word where it gets cold and wet, you must have the AERO THERM 2.0 winter jacket.  That and the FLIGHT 2.0 wind vest will keep you warm right down to the temperature where you might rethink the value of an outdoor ride. The FLIGHT 2.0 wind vest can also be used with a jersey or a speedsuit.

The one piece STRIKE 2.0 Carrera Speedsuit is practical and comfortable and over the course of one year will save you hours of time searching for your shorts each morning and perhaps improve the chances of your early break being a success. Upgrade to the TOR 2.0 Carrera Speedsuit for the extra aero edge.

The STRIKE 3.0 Jersey is a reliable and comfortable jersey for the warm race or ride days. Pull on some CALDO arm warmers and you are all set for an early morning start. CALDO arm warmers fit easily into the pockets of your STRIKE 3.0 jersey when the sun starts doing its job. Become Bike. Become A-D Bike.

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