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The Rise of the Reseller

The rise of the reseller

It is an established marketplace convention that you are responsible for selling your bike when you are done with it. The rise of resellers like ThredUP demonstrate how out of date this convention has become, how much e-commerce has evolved and how sophisticated consumers have become (Indeed, we have finally realized that we don't even need a real estate agent anymore). Instead of trying to sell your old clothing on Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Craig’s List, you pack it all up in a box, ship it to ThredUP, and they will sell it for you. You can use the net proceeds to buy items on the ThredUp Store or withdraw the cash. The usable life of your clothing is extended and you save time. 

The LKQ of bikes

We are disrupting this convention too. Frame and Wheel does the same thing as ThredUP except with bicycles and related accessories. What started out trying to be the Pro’s Closet has evolved into something closer to LKQ. The only difference is that the deproduction operations of Frame and Wheel (a production line that runs on reverse) are integrated with a bicycle brand, A-D Bikes. This allows us to offer innovative and revolutionary programs like the A-D Bikes Sustainability Program (formerly A-D Bikes Conversion Program) to the over supplied cyclist. We didn’t think this stuff up: automobile corporations like Stellantis operate huge deproduction operations because it lowers costs and helps the company meet greenhouse gas emissions mandates set by regulators.  

The A-D Bikes Sustainability Program is how A-D Bikes is better and different 

The A-D Bikes Sustainability Program allows you to turn all your old cycling gear into cash that you can use towards the purchase of an A-D frameset or a bike build. Or you can just use the re reselling feature to thin out the mountains of unused cycling gear you have in your garage. We are the only bike company that is offering this. We are able to because we have Frame and Wheel humming in the secondary market. That is what makes A-D Bikes different and better than the competition. We are taking cues from other industries and market leaders and actually doing something about the new gold standard for the industry: sustainability.

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