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Ubercross Carbon Disc Limited Styria launches!

It has taken a while, but the Ubercross Carbon Disc Limited Styria is finally here! This version of the original Champagne Ubercross features thru-axle drop outs, dual electronic or mechanical shifting compatibility and the new and original Styria Green finish which channels to spirit of Cousin Puch. Although I am not much of a cyclocross competitor, I love cyclocross bikes and riding masters-friendly courses for training purposes. I have been fine with quick release wheels and mechanical shifting all this time because I am not racing.

But there are riders like Patrick Collins of CS Velo who has single-handedly raised the profile of the A-D brand by racing the original Ubercross throughout New England during the off season. Patrick has done very well with the original Ubercross, but I have always known that he needs to ride and race a cyclocross frame that offers more current specifications and features to remain competitive. That day is at hand and I am vey grateful to Patrick for being so patient.

Llike the original, the Ubercross Carbon Disc Limited Styria will also be a great platform for riding enthusiastically and regularly on rough, wet or dirt roads year round. I am hooked on 1X drive trains and hydraulic brakes and I will stick with that for my Styria Ubercross build, but those who want a double can run one. I am not sure about going electronic or wireless given that I don't spend that much time on the Ubercross, others may want to and it is good to know I can if I want to. Become Bike. Become A-D Bike.

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